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Last Updated: [July 14, 2024] 

Welcome to SahozBazar! 

These are the rules for using SahozBazar’s website, which you can find at

If you want to use this website, you must follow these rules. Only use SahozBazar if you agree to these terms. 


We use cookies on SahozBazar. By using the website, you agree to our Privacy Policy and the use of cookies. Cookies help make certain parts of the website work better and make it easier for you to use. Some other websites we work with also use cookies. To learn more about our cookies, visit: 


Everything on SahozBazar belongs to SahozBazar and its partners. We own all the rights. These rules apply to how you can use our stuff. 

You cannot: 

  • Share our stuff with others 
  • Sell, rent, or let others use our stuff 
  • Copy or make more of our stuff 
  • Share our content with others 

This website lets you share your thoughts and information in certain areas. The things you say are not the opinion of SahozBazar. SahozBazar is not responsible for comments that break these rules. 

SahozBazar can watch the comments and take away any that break these rules. 

You promise: 

  • You have the right to share your comments 
  • Your comments don’t break any laws or rules 
  • Your comments are not rude, mean, or illegal 
  • You won’t use comments to sell things or do illegal stuff 

You let SahozBazar use your comments in different ways.


You can’t put our website into your own website without asking first. 


SahozBazar ( can’t promise that our ideas, information, tools, or techniques will make you money. We only offer education and information. We are not lawyers, doctors, or tax advisors. Talk to a professional before making any business or financial decisions. Your life choices and results are your responsibility. We are not responsible for them. These rules apply to all the things we sell on SahozBazar or on other websites we link to. 

If you have any questions, email us at: [email protected]

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