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Waterproof Digital Watch 30M

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Light-in-weight Waterproof Digital Watch 30M LED Display Attracts Everyone. Water can’t get in, and wrists don’t hurt.


  • Display Type: Digital
  • Strap Material: High-quality silicone
  • Alarm Function: Daily alarm and snooze.
  • Suitable For: Men, Women, All Genders, Boys, Girls



  • 7 Days Returns
  • Warranty not available
  • Cash on Delivery Available

Waterproof Digital Watch 30M Simple Silicone Electronic Watch

The Waterproof Digital Watch 30M is a must for you if you are a swimmer. Because water cannot enter inside it, your look is protected even during prolonged exposure to water and made from durable materials such as high-grade plastic. Both men and women can use it. Its LED display attracts everyone.

Who is Digital Watch for?

This Watch is suitable for those who spend a lot of time outdoors or walking around the city because this room prevents the entry of sweat or harmful gases. Light in weight, which does not cause pain in the wrist. Ease of use.

Key Features

  • Dual time zone function.
  • Good-looking women/men both can use it.
  • There is no problem with seeing the time due to the LED display.
  • Elegant and sleek design suitable for women.
  • Its function is very simple; everyone can use it.
  • It feels comfortable and light to use.

Benefits of Digital Watch

  • It can be used while swimming.
  • It lasts a long time.
  • Good looking, suitable for all environments.
  • Suitable for day or night use.


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